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Personal Status


Branch was a member of Demon Card.


Branch is a man in a suit.


Branch is cowardly and is willing who deceive the Blue Guardians which proved to be a big mistake. After being transformed into a machine, he's a pathetic wreck of a man begging for help and asking to be killed because he can't control his new body.


He appears with "Nika" who abuses him a lot. When he learns "Nika"'s actual agenda, he kidnaps her and tries to deceive the Blue Guardians, who imprison him with her and force him to torture her. By the time Koala transformed him into a machine, he begs for help and asks to be killed because he can't control his new body. He knows he hurt a lot of people as a man and doesn't want to be forced into hurting even more as a cyborg. While he still tries to excuse his behavior, Haru is able to give him the courage to fight his body's overriding commands. After Haru chased down Koala and asked him to fix Branch with no success, the Demon Card member seeks out Haru and informs him that the Blue Guardians plan to blow up Yuma's base with a hidden bomb and that he should leave. Upon escaping, Haru realizes that Branch is the bomb and that he stayed behind to save them. With Haru screaming his name, Branch dies when the bomb explodes wishing that he had been Haru's friend for all those years.

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