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An organization just as powerful as Demon Card. They are led by Captain Hardner and travel in the giant flying ship Albatross.


They have the Six Guards that are said to match Demon Card's Oracion Seis. Their leader Hardner can be compared to Pumpkin Doryu and Gale Raregroove in strength. Their second in command, Renard, is somewhere in-between, being stronger than the Six Guards, but weaker than Hardner.


Name Rank Team Status
Hardner Master None Active
Renard Second-in-command None Active
Jellybone Doctor None Active
Belnika Holder of Etherion None Former
Requin Leader of Six Guards Six Guards Deceased
Girafe Member Six Guards Deceased
Leopard Member Six Guards Deceased
Lievre Member Six Guards Deceased
Koala Member Six Guards Deceased
Chien Viverin Member Six Guards Deceased
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