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Belnika (ベルニカ Berunika) is a Mage and a member of the Rave Warriors.


Belnika was experimented on so that she could have magical powers. They tried to give her the power of Etherion, so that she could help Hardner in his plan to merge with Endless. They kept the truth from Belnika, telling her she would be helping the world. After discovering Hardner's true intentions, she sides with Haru.


Belnika is a well-endowed woman of below average height with light-violet eyes and long, messy violet hair with a slim waist. She wears a revealing, blue cloak with detached left sleeve. She wears blue underwear with a brown belt. She has brown straps on her long, blue stockings. She wears a brown collar and red, string ribbon around her neck.



Powers and Abilities

Healing Magic: With a ribbon, Belnika was able to heal Haru's arm which was in bad condition thanks to Sacrifar. It is unclear how her healing abilities work.

Magic Nullification: Belnika is shown to have the ability to negate any type of magic attack. (As shown in her battle with Jiero of Despair)

Self Destruct: It is not clear exactly how Belnika executes this technique. But it was shown to be somewhat like an explosion. On a side note, the user will not die from using it if treated immediately with elixir.

Hand-To-Hand Combatant: It is shown that Belnika does know a bit of melee combat, such as punches and kicks. She usually enhances the attacks with her magic.

Immense Magic Power: After being experimented on, Belnika did not obtain the Etherion in the end, but she does possess a large amount of magic.

Appearance in Other Media


Fairies at the Beach

Elie appeared along with her friends Ruby, Julia, Musica, Belnika and Griff at the beach.


Fairy Tail x Rave

The anime adaptation of the one-shot crossover. While Belnika herself doesn't appear, Wendy bought a doll that's modelled after her.

Mashima HERO'S

Belnika made a brief appearance in the crossover alongside Shuda and Ruby when monsters created by Genesis' Darkbring; Oasis began spawning in their location.



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