Holy Bell

Holy Bell (ベル・ホーリー) is an air-attribute magic sword. It was formerly used by Dalmatian, one of the Azure Sky Warriors, before it was eventually found its way to Pearl, and discovered by his son, Ruby.


The blade was a silver sword with a circular cross-guard jutting downwards, serving as a cover to the grip and pommel. The pommel's center had a visible opening, whilst the grip had a dark band with light outlines tied tightly around. The blade itself spots an intricate design; resembling four petals.[1]

While unused outside of battle, it takes the form of a golden bell.[2]


During the time in his living, the Bell Holy was one of Dalmatian's arsenal. It was later hidden deep in a mountain crevice presumably before the War of Symphonia. Within the 50-year timeskip, the bell was somehow discovered and eventually became one of Pearl's belongings. After the latter's death by Doryu's hands, Ruby kept possession of it as a memento from his father.


As described by Dalmatian, Bell Holy is a magic sword capable of air and wind magic.

  • Air Down (エールダウン): By striking the sword downwards, it allows the user and those around him to descend.
  • Air Up (エールアップ): Pesumably save as above, but the opposite effect to ascend.[3]


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