Beast Swordsman Lance
Beast Sword Man Lance



Densetsu no Kajiya Musika

English Dub Title

Release the Beasts, Part 2

Japan Air Date

November 3, 2001

English Air Date

June 26, 2004

Adopted from

Chapter 11




Lance arc

Opening Song

Butterfly Kiss

Ending Song

Kohaku No Yurikago
The Power of Destiny

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Beast Swordsman Lance is the 4th episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on November 3, 2001 and the English version on June 26, 2004.

When Lance finds Elie and attempts to kidnap her, Hamrio Musica arrives to intervene but fails to defeat him. Meanwhile, Haru Glory finds out that Galein Musica is working for the Demon Card. Haru remembers when he first met Shiba Roses, and how he first had the responsibility to search for the Shadow Stones. Haru and Musica plan to rescue Elie.


Haru and Musica defeat DC

Haru and Musica defeat DC

After having successfully defeated the Demon Card Members, Haru Glory asked Hamrio Musica what did he mean when he called Galein Musica a fake, Muscia tells haru to face the facts and he is not going to get his fancy sword back. However, Haru still believes that the one he gave his sword to, is the real Musica, which leaves Hamrio Musica confused. Haru tells him that Galein Musica did not seem like a fake to him. Hamrio Musica gets angry and grabs Haru by his shirt and tell him that if he says that the other Musica is the real one then haru is calling him the fake, which leads to Haru asking him if there was anybody else with the name Musica, Hamrio Musica tells him that he is the only one left, knowing his families history. haru the runs off saying that he will prove it to him and tells him to find Elie in the meanwhile. Elie, inside the G.T Shop, in Punk Street, is trying to get her Tonfa Blasters upgraded, however, from the outside, a Demon Card Member is spying her.

Bis asking for forgiveness

Bis asking for forgiveness

Back at Lance's headquarter, Bis is asking for his forgiveness, Lance, while looking at his sword, says to him that he knows what's next, which frightens Bis asking him for anything but that. Lance sends him away. One of Lance's henchman, notifies him that he saw the girl that was hanging out with the new Rave master. Lance then orders the Demon Card Members to capture Elie, Haru's week point, according to him. He also tells them that if they screw their plans up, the desert will be broccoli onions ice cream.

Elie Captured

Elie captured

Back at the shop, Elie is trying to persuade the man to upgrade her Tonfa Blasters, but he tells her that he can't do it, however, Elie still insist and tells him that if it's a matter of money she will pay the double. but the man still denies her this and explains to her the Demon Card's rules; if a weapon has been upgraded, it cannot be upgraded again for the next six months. He then takes a look at Plue and wonders what it is; he tries to make a deal with Elie, if Elie wants her Tonfa Blasters to be upgraded she will have to give him Plue. Elie thinks about it but notices that the man is shocked to see a tall figure standing behind Elie. While Musica is walking by the shop, the sales man is thrown out the window and hears Elie's scream. He instantaneously goes inside the shop and sees Elie taken hostage by Lance.

Lance then ask Musica if he was the one he was looking for, but Elie calls out his name and Lance quickly says that he is not the one. Musica then asked him; who was he, lance begins to lough and tells him that he is, General Commander of the 17 Demon Card units and tells Musica to remember the name. However, Musica rushes towards him telling him to let Elie go, he then takes out his sword and sends a Smoke Dragon in Musica's direction.

Haru Meets Shiba

Haru meets Shiba

Elsewhere, Haru is helping Galein Musica. Galein ask Haru if he decided to come back early to check if he was lying. Haru tells him that he never believed he was a liar but Gelein tells him that if he was him he wouldn't be so sure and shows Haru his sword, and tells him that he lied about fixing it and that he had an intention of selling it to the Demon Card. Gelein then tells him that he probably borrowed the sword from Shiba, Haru remembers the time Shiba and him met, he also tells Gelein about the mistake Shiba said he needed to fix. Gelein then assures Haru that the Shiba he met is the he knew. In the shop, Musica is trying to take Elie away from Lance, however, lance keeps on attacking him with Shadow wolfs. Musica is hit by one of the attacks and falls on the floor, seconds later, the police arrives to the scene, Musica manages to slip away and remembers what Lance said about the Rave Master. He heads of to Gelein's house to find Haru alongside Plue.

Music'a family killed

Lance kills Musica's family

Back at Gelein's house, Haru is still trying to convince Gelein that Shiba, was the one whom gave him the sword. Haru then tells Gelein that he once saved Shiba. Haru tries one more time and ask Gelein if he could fix his sword, however, he still denies Haru's request telling him that he is an old man and that he can barley keep his hand steady, and that his days as a blacksmith are over. Suddenly Plue comes in the door and Haru ask him f he was hungry but just then Hamrio Musica, injured, walks in. Haru ask him where was Elie, Hamrio tells him that she was kidnapped by Lance. Haru decides that, with or without a sword, he will save Elie. Galein Musica is surprised to hear this and begins to have a flashback of when he made Lance a sword, and that same sword was used to kill his own family.

Musica decides to fix the sword

Musica decides to fix Haru's Sword

As Haru is about to leave, Gelein stops them and tells them that only a fool will confront Lance without a sword, he then says that it must be repair. Haru defines the meaning behind his words and is overjoyed to hear that he will fix the sword. Gelein the swears on his name, that he will fix the sword.

Inside Lance's headquarters, he tells Elie that she has one hour to live and threaten her with his sword, Lance is excited to fight the Rave Master and to get his hand on the Rave.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Battles & Events

Weapons and Abilities Used

Weapons used

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Abilities used

  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Swordsmanship

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Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the Manga, Haru and Musica witness Elie's kidnapping, but in the anime only Musica sees it.


  • When Elie is in the shop talking to the seller in the shop, he is reading a news paper and you can see smoke coming from behind it (because he is smoking) However when the screen goes back to Elie talking to him again, the punk doesn't have a cigarette in his mouth. (This was shown in both the dub and the original)
  • When Musica finds Elie being grabbed by lance the dub shows lance swinging his sword and then Musica runs up to him saying "Bring it on beasty boy" then it shows Musica and haru talking at his house, in the original after musica runs up to lance he then gets attacked by the beasts (In the dub this happens after the conversation with Haru and Musica)


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