Beast Sword (獣剣 Jyuuken) is a magic sword forged by Galein Musica and used by Lance.


The Beast Sword is a large, thin, silver sword with a circle at the bottom center, and the famous Musica mark branded underneath. The brown, thick cross-guard has many oval-shaped, yellow, figures going around it. The sword's pommel is shaped like a sharp point. The sword is also adorned with a straight hilt, with many lines on the grip.


The Beast Sword creates beast illusion such as lions and other carnivorous animals to distract the opponent. Once the opponent gives away an opening, Lance jumps in for the kill. After Lance was rewarded with the Dark Bring Real Moment, the sword was forge-upgraded with the item making the illusions can become real in an instant and inflicting physical damage.


  • Illusion Beast: Lance can make multiple illusions as much as he wishes, lions and wolfs with sharp fangs, which look identical to the real thing. He uses this ability to gain a chance to escape if need be or for sneak attacks.
  • Hundred Beast Fangs: Lance creates multiple real illusions of beasts such as lions and wolfs, and sends them towards his opponents.


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