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Ballettänzer Flare is a flame-elemental Six Star Dark Bring used by Shuda. Shuda used this Dark Bring for the first time when he fought Haru at his moving fortress Rhapsodia.

When Haru first met Shuda, he had to deal with this dark bring, but was able to overcome it using Silfarion. It was first introduced after Haru is rechallenged Shuda again, by being able to stop all enemies inside the grid from moving (this is what defeated him before). It was destroyed by Lucia when Shuda tried to attack him.



Whenever a target lock is confirmed, they are highlighted and indicated by a pink, spherical grid.

Power and Abilities

This Dark Bring creates powerful explosions at any given spot from the spatial coordinates the user inputs at will. He can attack them at any given moment, where the damage rate can also increase to the user's command. However due to its element, the explosions can only be weakened by water.


  • It was translated into Explosive Flame Ballet in Chapter 156, and harnesses the power of fire.