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Ancient Forbidden Magic

Ancient Forbidden Magic is a type of magic that involves the manipulation of forces of nature to cause massive destruction.


An extremely, powerful offensive magic that involves the use of natural disasters that the user can utilize to attack their opponents. The attacks can be controlled and directed towards a single enemy , r can be used indiscriminately to attack many enemies at once. One that leaves several sorcerers shocked at its power, including Haja


  • Ancient Forbidden Magic: Sehma: An attack that calls down meteorites from the sky. Preceded by hand seals and a blinding light, the user calls down countless meteors, that the user seemingly has some degree of control over. This attack is powerful enough to destroy the protected city, Wrist Dome. Haja, Shakuma’s disciple, was awestruck by the attack, noting that “[m]y master can control even the heavens!”. Also referred to as Sealed Away Space Magic: Meteorite Shower.[28]
  • Ancient Forbidden Magic: Varuna: A spell that calls forth a giant tidal wave, seemingly out of nowhere. While its full power is unknown, as Belnika was able to dissipate the spell, Shakuma was surprised that someone was able to stop it, suggesting that it was an extremely powerful spell. It is unknown if Shakuma generated the water used for the tidal wave out of nothing, or if he used the water surrounding Symphonia for his attack.[29]
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