A Promise to Elie
The Promise with Elie



Erī to no Yakusoku

English Dub Title

Out of Time, Part 6

Japan Air Date

March 23, 2002

English Air Date

December 4, 2004

Adopted from

Chapter 47




Mystery of Elie arc

Opening Song

Butterfly Kiss

Ending Song

Kohaku No Yurikago
The Power of Destiny

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A Promise to Elie is the 24th episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on March 23, 2002 and the English version on December 4, 2004.

Reina comes after Haru, using White Kiss. She attacks Haru multiple times, but Haru stands his ground. Musica attempts to fight her, however Jegan arrives to interrupt the fight and summon her back to headquarters.


Haru and Musica protect Elie

Haru and Musica protect Elie

Haru helps support Elie, asking her if she is fine. Elie begins to picture the ocean and randomly says, "The Ocean." Elie questions Haru on his promise, the promise, he made to her while he was fighting Sieg Hart. Reina comes behind Haru, startling him. She challenges Haru and Elie, calling her "3173 girl." Haru gets up, and confronts Reina telling her that Elie has nothing to do with Demon Card. Reina, on the other hand, believes that Elie's Etherion is of interest to Demon Card. Haru then orders Plue to take care of Elie, to which he does with a little help from Griff. Musica joins Haru, telling Reina that he won't let her lay a finger on Elie.

Reina's Dark Bring

Reina's Dark Bring

Reina snaps her fingers sending strong wind currents at Plue and Griff, who are pushed back by the force. After Musica questions what happened, Reina tells him that he is on her way and sends him flying as well. Haru prepares himself to battle Reina. However, the injuries from his previous battle kick in. Elie is worried about him, but Haru tells her not too, since he is okay. Musica, from afar, looks at his hand and sees silver dust on his hand. He shouts at Haru to be careful, and that whatever Reina is using, makes something in air. Reina tells Haru that all of the Oración Seis have a special Dark Bring with hers being, White Kiss.

Reina attacks Haru

Reina attacks Haru

She then snaps her fingers again sending Haru back with the wind pressure. She uses multiple silver sting like weapons to attack Haru. Once Haru hits the floor, Elie begins to worry about him. However, Haru doesn't give up and gets back up. Elie then tells him that is okay, and that it would be fine if they ran away from the fight. Nevertheless, Reina continues the fight, stating that they can't run away from her. Haru gets up and gets ready for Reina's next attack. Before Reina's attack hits its target, Musica protects Elie and Haru with his Silver Typhoon. Elie is happy to know that there are so many people protecting her.

Jegan arrives

Jegan arrives

Reina questions Musica on who he learned his Silver skills from. Musica doesn't give her a response, and the two begin to battle. Reina begins to charge a big amount of power. However, before she releases it, Jegan, and his dragon, arrive at the scene and take Reina with them, as requested by king. Sieg hart gets up and tells the gang that they were lucky that Reina and Jegan left. He informs Haru and the others about the Oración Seis, and one of its members; Shuda. He also informs them of King. He then tells Haru that he will find the Rave of Conflict at the Lyric Continent. Before he leaves, Haru tells him that if he ever were to hurt Elie again, he wouldn't forgive him.

The team at the beach

The team at the beach

Elie collapses into Haru's arm. Later, when she awakes, she finds herself at the beach with Haru, Musica, Plue and Griff. They watch as the sun rises. Before they leave the beach, Elie reminds Haru of his promise. Haru tells her that he will fulfill his promise at night time. Haru carries Elie back to the hotel. Elsewhere, Jegan and Reina arrive at Technotica, which is at ruins. There, they meet up with Berial, one of the Oración Seis members. Jegan's dragon sees a flower, which it takes liking to. Soon, Jegan and his dragon leave.



Back at the beach, the Rave Warriors begin fireworks' show display for Elie. Elie begins to dance filled with happiness. She states that she is happy to be recognize as "Elie." She then calls Haru to dance. He proudly says that he will show her the Garage Island dance. However, Musica challenges him to a dance battle, which Elie calls lame. Meanwhile, King is at the top of a mountain, challenging the new Rave Master, Haru Glory.

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